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10oz Creamed Honey


Creamed honey is simply honey that is crystallized. All honey will naturally crystallize, but not all crystallized honey is equal. Creamed honey is honey that has been crystallized in a controlled environment, and using special methods.

When honey naturally crystallizes, the granules are large and course like table sugar. When the beekeeper or producer is attempting to make creamed honey, they are controlling the temperature to speed up the process and to get the finest granules they can. If the process is correct, the producer should end up with a product that is smooth like butter. When honey crystallizes, the granules will copy the size and shape of any crystals that are already in the honey. Because of this a starter must be used. To get this starter the producer simply adds 10% creamed honey to the batch before starting the crystallization process.

Many people who have tasted creamed honey say that it tastes better than liquid honey. Creamed honey is used on toast, in ice cream, in pastries, and just about anything that a person would enjoy a sweet taste with. Many producers also add flavoring to their creamed honey. Some examples of flavors are orange, blackberry, and pecan.

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Creamed Honey.jpg