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Ordinary People with Different Thoughts

I was in the middle school and asked by one of neighborhoods if I ever want to show up for the work that I may get paid for a little bit of pocket money.
I didn't care what I will be doing but was interested in making some money as a young boy. 
When I showed up, it was "WOW". The neighborhood had 10,000 bee hives. I had no idea that many of bees were just around the corner where I lived.
I was completely overwhelmed but it was so easy to fall in love with the bees and beekeeping.
Learning the nature's work was just AMAZING and working with them was almost blessed. But right away, I realized that they were not being treated in the way that nature is intended.

Always made me difficult to understand why the beekeeping business has gone so far to commercial use rather than the way it should be and saw so many of beekeepers went out of business due to the CCD (Colony Collops Disease).

I had been gone from the beekeeping so many years since my career went into completely different business industry but the passion of beekeeping was growing even bigger and bigger every year. Because I knew that it is the time to let people know why we're losing the bees and what I can do for it with all the experiences that I've learned.

In fall of 2011, we've asked to USDA if we could borrow some money to start the honey business. The answer was yes and no.
As a starter who has no history of business income, it is a risk for them to trust on us to be paid back. Luckly they had a new program for the starting farmers so we were able to purchase around 20 bee hives at that time.

My lord, the 2011 winter turned out as a horrible weather and none of them were survived.
We were so discouraged but didn't stop there. 
Finally 2012 fall at the first of our official harvest, we've got A beautiful baby girl named "Areum(means beauty in Korean)" as well as 100 gallons of Honey.

What a wonderful moment to be continued.